Light Fawn Acrylic Glass Panel


Our stunning new Mazan® panels are the ultimate modern wall, shower and feature panel. Ideal for a number of different applications throughout the home, Mazan® can be used as an alternative to both glass and ceramic wall tiles. It has the look of stunning reflective colour backed glass but as it’s much quicker to cut to size and install, comes in at a much lower price.

Mazan® is an affordable, yet dazzlingly beautiful collection of acrylic glass panels for kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms throughout the home.

It is the 21st century alternative to ceramic tiles and traditional glass.

It has a standard range of diverse solid and metallic colours and has a thickness of 4mm. This gives you a fantastic colour intensity and reflection through Mazan’s surface and exposed edges – just like traditional coloured glass.

Mazan® is now also available in any RAL colour enabling you to perfectly match it to other features in your home.

Along with our colour match service Mazan® is now also offered with unique digital prints – this means your panel can be uniquely tailored to your space.

Mazan® is environmentally friendly as it uses much less energy than traditional glass during its production and can also be recycled.

Both beautiful and tough, Mazan® is a highly durable surface for the ups and downs of everyday living.

It is 25 times more impact resistant and stronger than traditional glass, so it will not shatter when it is bumped into. It has a high heat resistance (up to 100°C) and will put up with the kettle steaming against it one minute and an icy blast the next because someone has left a door open in the middle of winter


Quite simply Mazan® will save you money compared to traditional glass. Not only is the product itself great value but it’s also much quicker to fit, saving you valuable time and money on any installation. Mazan can also be cut to size on site, so once delivered it can be installed immediately. This gives a time and cost saving over traditional glass which has to be precisely measured then manufactured in a specialist workshop before installation can even begin.

This also means that cut outs for plug sockets can easily be cut on site for very little extra cost making your installation easier and more fluid. For a traditional glass splashback each cut out can add up to £100.00 in extra cost.

Mazan® also has an excellent resistance to many cleaning chemicals, everyday stains, scratches and the ultraviolet rays from sunlight

Just because Mazan® is so beautiful and easy to fit does not make it a compromise in other areas. Mazan is designed to convert any area to be completely waterproof be it a shower enclosure, or sink splashback.

And Mazan is repairable, in the unlikely event your Mazan® panels become scuffed or scratched, these marks can be polished away.


If you have  a particular colour in mind we are now able to colour match to any RAL colour.

Please get in contact for more details or download a RAL colour chart here:


Our amazing new digital print range enables you to create your perfect bespoke wall or splashback.

Any high resolution image can be used which can be a photograph or a graphic pattern.

Give us a call for any help or advice when choosing your patter


Mazan® is easy to keep clean using warm water and a microfibre cloth or chamois. For stubborn stains, non-abrasive cleaning materials are available that are designed to be used with Mazan`s acrylic polymer surface. Strong cleaning chemicals are not required. Because Mazan is 100% waterproof, it is completely hygienic and bacteria will not develop on its clean surface.

Unlike tiles and glass, Mazan® is tough and will not fracture or shatter. Minor scuffs and scratches can be polished away, repairing the surface to its original high gloss finish. Please refer to Mazan`s care and maintenance leaflet for more detail



Traditional 6mm thick glass panels, which are colour matched to Mazan, are used as splashbacks in conjunction with Mazan behind gas hobs.  Traditional glass panels are not required behind electric, induction or ceramic hobs. Please refer to the Mazan installation brochure for more details10 YEAR WARRANTY

Mazan has a 10 year limited warranty.

We have produced a comprehensive Mazan Care and Maintenance Guide which is available from all Mazan suppliers. It is important that you precisely follow this guide in order to protect your warranty.

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Light Fawn Acrylic Glass Panel

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